What is TV Panel?

TV Panel is a new way for broadcasters to understand what programmes people do and don’t like.

Why was there a message on my TV?

Under UK law we’re required to inform and give you the right to object to our service if you wish. 

What did broadcasters do before TV Panel?

Before this technology existed broadcasters were reliant on a small sample of people manually recording what they watch and reporting it back. The problem with this though is that it’s not representative for niche audiences so gives a distorted picture. Its also a very old technology so broadcasters can only see what people think of an entire programme rather than a particular story or guest.

How does TV Panel work?

TV Panel uses the internet connection in your TV or set-top box to send a short anonymous counter so we can see how many people are watching. A bit like counting cars going in and out of a car park.

Is my TV spying on me?

No, of course not. TV Panel is totally anonymous, it doesn’t track individual people, it just looks as what the whole country watches (or doesn’t). Its a bit like counting cars in a car park but without knowing their registration numbers.

Can I leave the panel?

Of course, being part of our panel is totally optional. All you need do is click the Yellow button on your remote on the channel you were watching and you’ll be removed from the panel. You will see a message confirming that you have been removed. 

Can you tell me what I’ve watched?

We’re afraid not, because we don’t know who’s watching we only know that someone is watching we can’t tell you what you’ve previously watched as we just don’t know who you are, only you know that.